A corner of paradise, an exceptional Terroir

Our domaine was born in 1989, built on a dream. In the beginning, there were just a few lost hectares of vines perched atop an eagles nest, and nothing else appart from a small shelter. An exceptional Terroir, 300 meters above sea level, difficult to access, surrounded by heath and garrigue, which nonetheless left room for potential expansion.

We pushed back the garrigue and planted grape varieties of our choosing, choices that were often quirky, but always tailored to our extremly stony, clay-limestone Terroir, after which our domaine was named. Le Grand Crès, means the large rock in Occitan. Today the domaine comprises 15 hectares. A beautiful score, that will continue to evolve with time.

This rocky and demanding soil releases low yields (30 hl/max) which create the concentration of flavour within our wines. The altitude, in turn, brings freshness and finesse.

We work in a way that is respectful to our Terroir and its gifts : organic fertilisers are used in limited quantities, all works are non intrusive and we retain the local flora so as to respect the biodiversity of the soil. We always harvest by hand; the harvest is transported in small crates in order to preserve the grapes and avoid bruising the berries. Plants are our most important instruments and we take great care of them.